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Thursday, December 12

Three Things Thursday #14- Some of my Christmas Favorites

Three of my Favorite Christmas Pinspirations!

1. Cookie Cutter Fudge gifts- Still wondering what to do for teacher gifts? We did these last year for the kid's teachers. They were easy, the kids had fun making them, and the teachers loved them! (I sampled the fudge and it was delicious!) Head over to Tip Junkie to get all the details!

2. Cinnamon Applesauce Ornaments- We had a few of these on our tree growing up. I love how they smell, and they are a great craft to do with the kids. This tutorial from Martha Stewart suggests a bird shape, but pull out your cookie cutters and shape away!

3. Paper Strip Christmas Tree- If you're anything like me, you have tons of scrap paper, and kids who ask you to do crafts every day. I love giving them a craft that will give them room to be creative, but will still look awesome pretty much however they do it. These paper strip Christmastrees from Whatever are easy and fun to create! You could even just do a bunch of strips on a piece of paper, glue them down, and then cut out your shape, creating a mosiac and clean look! 

Gotta find ways to keep busy once the kids are out of school!

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