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Wednesday, December 4

Do You Sell Your Creations? You NEED CraftLaunch! (GIVEAWAY!)

I get asked a lot if I sell the things I make here on the blog.  I was even contacted by a HUGE Christian TV show to provide several thousand of my Keep Christ in Christmas plates.  Wow!  

Honestly, I've been tempted, but right now I really don't have time (nor do I have the resources to mass produce something!)  

But, I know that many of you DO sell your products.  Maybe you have an Etsy shop, or you sell at local craft fairs.  If you have had even a modicum of success, it's time to really make your shop your own.   This is where CraftLaunch comes in.

CraftLaunch offers you a branded, customized website that can show your latest Etsy listings, integrates with Facebook and Twitter, and even does the hosting for you so you can focus on creating!

CraftLaunch offers professionally designed themes, so when you direct your customers and/or readers to your site, you instantly stand out from the rest.  Your site can be customized to fit your personality and your brand.  Here are some examples of actual CraftLaunch sites:

This is an opportunity for you Etsy shop owners to really connect with your customers, and to maximize sales by building your brand, increasing referrals, and encouraging repeat business.  Samantha Wishlinkski, owner of SamWish (pictured above) had this to say about CraftLaunch:
"Oh man, I love CraftLaunch so much. I love that I can have my own URL and that I can customize my layout. It gives me the opportunity of being able to make the website my own instead of just being one in a million on Etsy. It gives me the chance to add some extra personality to it and stand out from the crowd so to speak."

And Rachel Kluesner, owner of Dyeabolical Yarns, had this to say:
"I love that I can update my Etsy site and CraftLaunch updates automatically. I stay with Etsy because they have a large, dedicated group of customers who prefer to shop directly from Etsy.
I stay with CraftLaunch because I have a core group of customers who are not Etsy shoppers. This way I am hitting two demographics without the hassle of trying to keep inventory straight in 2 different online shops."

You can get more information, including pricing and what's included, at
You can meet the team behind CraftLaunch here:
You can also find them on Facebook and on Twitter.

CraftLaunch is generously giving away a FULL CUSTOM SITE to one lucky reader! (A $200 value!)  

To enter, just sign up for a free 15-day trial (no credit card required) by going to

In addition to giving one of our readers a free custom website, CraftLaunch is also offering ONE MONTH FREE if you decide to sign up after your trial is over. Just enter coupon code OCCASIONALLYCRAFTY during checkout to get your first month free!

Again, I am not an Etsy seller, but I have heard over and over again how difficult it is to stand out on Etsy amongst the thousands of other sellers.  This may be your opportunity to break away from the mold!  I hope you'll go over and check it out.  And please, spread the word to other sellers you know!
The giveaway will end in one week- on December 11th.  Good luck!
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