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Monday, December 9

Ornament Swap 2013!

Last year I participated in a Cookie Recipe Swap during the holidays, and this year I thought an ornament swap would be super fun. You can never have too many ornaments (or cookies), in my opinion!
Lauren from Tutus and Tea Parties set up the swap. I can't imagine the work to pair everyone up and get everything rolling. Thanks Lauren!

I was paired with Debbie, who is an avid crochet gal. You can check out some of her awesome stuff here! We discussed some of our color schemes, loves and hates and worked on ornaments for each other. Here is what Debbie sent me:
I was so surprised to get so many cute ornaments! They look awesome on my tree and she did such a great job!
And here is what I sent Debbie! She said she loved snowmen, and I had seen these made a few different ways. It turned out so cute that I'm going to make these for my piano students, school teachers and anyone else who deserves a special treat this holiday season. (by the way, if you want to mass produce these I recommend buying a little can of spray paint. I hand painted Debbie's, and while it turned out great, it took four coats of white paint to get it looking clean and even. Spray paint? I did 100 in like one minute!)

I loved doing the swap and can't wait to do it again!

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