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Friday, October 28

Tori's Tidbits

I'm not sure how I'm going to survive this weekend.  Tonight is our church's Trunk or Treat, which I am in charge of.  This weekend, our Primary (children's Sunday School) is putting on its annual program, which I am also in charge of.  Tomorrow is our "dress rehearsal" and pizza party (which, yes, I am in charge of), and the program is on Sunday.  That's on top of normal responsibilities, like, say, laundry.  Someone give me energy now!

On to blog business:  I know I have been bugging you with a lot of new sponsors lately.  I just want you to know that I do this, not for the very teensy tiny bit of money it brings in, but because there are so many great shops and products out there that I know you will love!  I have found some of my favorites through advertising on some of my favorite blogs, and if I can introduce YOU to something new, I'm excited!

At this point, most of my sponsors are advertising for FREE on my blog, so I promise my opinions on their products are really mine, and not because I'm getting paid to say it.  I will never promote something I don't think is cute, fun, or useful!

That being said, I have another new sponsor for you this month:  Tori's Tidbits!

I'm just going to tell you right now, there are some GREAT gifts for your kiddos here at this shop.  I LOVE these car caddies, available in different fabrics:

Car Caddy - Cabana Stripes  - Ready to ship

I know my boys would love playing with this when we're out and about, and I love that it's portable!

These roll-up Crayon Caddies are adorable too- and I love that they come with a little notebook!  

Crayon Caddy with Crayons and Memo Pad

Need a special baby gift, but don't sew?  Tori makes baby blankets, quilts, and burpcloths to match!

Baby Blanket with Burp Cloths Gift Set - Monkeys - Ready to ship

As you're shopping this holiday season, think of buying handmade and check out Tori's Tidbits!

Have a great weekend!