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Wednesday, October 12

Scrappin' Wednesday- Camping out

One of our family traditions is to go camping every summer.  Since we have young kids (and I have often been pregnant while camping), we have just gone "campground" camping- tent camping at an organized campground. I think we are starting to outgrow campgrounds, though.  Maybe next summer we will try dispersed camping- where you just claim a spot in the "wild" and go for it!

Anyway, last summer we camped outside of Payson, AZ, up on the Mogollon Rim.  It was wonderfully cool and we had a great time.  My usually grumpy baby was wonderfully happy and content the whole trip.  It was amazing!  We spent one day fishing on the lake, and we did a little hiking and exploring.  Here's one page I put together to remember our trip:

Thanks for checking it out!