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Monday, October 17

Gifts for Baby Girls

About a month ago, I attended a baby shower for a girl in my church who was getting ready to have her first baby.  (The baby was born last week- welcome Makenna!)

This was a great opportunity to make some of the baby gifts that I've been thinking about, thanks to blog-surfing, Pinterest, etc.  I don't have any babies anymore, now that my youngest is 2 (boo-hoo!), but I have sister in laws and friends who are still having cute babies for me to pamper with gifts.

I know baby showers are supposed to be practical and all, especially for a first baby.  But I just couldn't resist being impractical.  I made baby Makenna a tutu, some satin baby slippers (perfect for blessing day), a hairbow holder, and some cute flowers for those baby headbands.  Oh, and I did make some of the best burpcloths ever, or so they claim to be.  I'm not totally impractical!

If you don't know how to make a tutu, it's really simple.  You need ribbon long enough to wrap around a baby's waist, plus extra for ties.  I just tie them on when they are so little.  You could also use elastic, but it's harder.

Cut strips of tulle into double the length you want your tutu to be, plus about an inch for the knot.  I used an old 3 month skirt of my daughter's to approximate.

Fold the strip in half.  Loop the tulle strip around the ribbon as shown.

Push the ends of the strip over the ribbon and through the loop.

Pull tight and arrange on the ribbon as desired.  Pull it tight enough to make it hold well, but not so tight that you scrunch it up.  Repeat ad nauseum until you reach the point you want the tutu to tie around her waist, leaving ribbon on both sides of the tulle strips to tie.

Add any embellishments (I cut lengths of ribbon and tied them on just like the tulle strips), and you've got a cute little tutu!

I made these satin slippers from a baby bootie pattern found here.

The only change I made was to add a little loop in the back, then ribbon to tie around her ankles.  This helps them stay on when all that kicking and grabbing of feet starts happening!

Here's the hairbow holder.

I used a Michael's frame, covered it in scrapbook paper, and printed out the words on photo paper to place in the frame.  I hot glued and stapled ribbon to the back, heat-sealing both ends.  This is where she can keep all her cute bows and flowers.  I made her two to get started.

One is just a dollar store daisy that I took apart and reassembled with a button and hot glue.  The other one is a singed satin flower that I made at Super Saturday last year and have been saving to give away to someone! (I look like a dork with flowers in my hair)

Finally, I sewed up a few burpcloths/changing pads/etc.  The back is jersey, cut from a t-shirt, and the front is simple quilter's weight cotton.  Once washed it is really soft and absorbent.  Plus, you can use so many different fabrics, they turn out so cute, and are so easy to make!

I wrapped it all up in a plain white box with a pink ribbon and a hanging gift tag.

That way she wasn't expecting something useful like diapers or diaper cream.

 And yes, I know that "unpractical" is not a word, but it just sounds more fun than "impractical"

Linking up to some of these parties this week- go check them out with me!

What's your favorite baby gift to give?  I've got lots more baby gifts to be making in the next few months, so let me hear your gift ideas!



  1. Love, love, love everything about this gift! This will be perfect for a picture (so really not so impractical!). What a beautiful & thoughtful gift - and the packaging is too cute. You are so creative!

  2. Everyone needs a little unpracticalness. Super cute stuff.:)

  3. Those little shoes are divine! Great job, what a lucky baby!

  4. So cute! Love those little booties! Thanks so much for linking up with us at Show & Share! Can't wait to see you again this Wednesday!


  5. The holiday season is fast approaching and you do not want to be stuck doing your shopping last minute. Educational toys are a great gift to give to any child because they can have fun while learning at the same time!

  6. Wow..looking so beautiful and attractive Baby girl gifts...

  7. LOVE the fabric on the burp clothes! Lovely shower gift!


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