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Wednesday, July 6

Scrappin' Wednesday

My son is a HUGE fan of Toy Story.  He saw it for the first time just before his 3rd birthday.  He used to race around trying to say Buzz's famous line- "To infinity and beyond!"  In his little boy words, it came out "To nibinity and neon!"  Adorable!

Anyway, we knew just what to get him for his 3rd birthday.  He got a Buzz Lightyear action figure, Buzz Lightyear wings, Buzz Lightyear pajamas, and a Buzz Lightyear scooter.  He was pretty much in heaven.

For my layout, I used freebies from Kinley's Scraps.  They are awesome- thanks so much for providing those!  Here it is:

Over a year later, we still love Toy Story and Buzz in our house- but now my son can actually say the words correctly!

Have a great day-



  1. really CUTE layout! my son is about the same age & also a Toy Story fanatic!! but he's all about Woody :)

  2. This turned out sooooo cute! I am thrilled that you were able to use the kit I made! Enjoy all the frebies and thanks for the link!


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