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Wednesday, July 20

Scrappin' Wednesday- A Cooking Party.

I had almost finished my scrapbook page for this week, when suddenly, the program I was working on crashed! Had I saved my scrapbook page?  Of course not!  Moral of the story- don't forget to stop and save your work! Sometimes I just get on a creative kick and forget to stop.  Oh well...... so I redid the page, though I had to make it a little simpler since I was now pressed for time. I'm still happy with how it turned out, though.

This is a page remembering my daughter's fifth birthday party.  We did a cooking theme.  When the kids arrived, they decorated chef hats and aprons I had made for them.  Then, they made their own pizzas by rolling out biscuit dough, topping it with sauce, and adding cheese and toppings.  While the pizzas baked, we read Pete's a Pizza by William Steig, which is a really cute story.  They enjoyed their yummy pizzas, played, and then they decorated their own cupcakes.  I made cupcake boxes for them so they could enjoy one at the party and take one home as a favor.  After presents were opened, I also sent them home with child-size cooking utensils, like a whisk and wooden spoon.  I found these at Michael's.  They also got to keep their aprons and chef hats.  The kids had a great time.

My pictures didn't turn out all that great, but I found a few to put together in this layout.  Here it is:

Thanks for looking- have a great day!