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Monday, July 11

Creativity- a Printable for you!

I mentioned last week I was feeling a little uninspired.  Well, I found a quotation that inspired me.  Pablo Picasso said "Every thing you imagine is real."  Now, he was an amazingly creative and inspiring artist.  I'm a crafter- I make a lot of things that are my own version of something someone else dreamed up.  Still, they are my creations.  I put my own variables on pretty much everything, and from time to time, even come up with my own creative ideas.  What I create is REAL.  And I love sharing it with you- just for fun.  If it inspires someone else to create along the way, then that is just a bonus!

I think that quote can be applied for more than just arts and crafts.  It is applicable to life.  We shouldn't be afraid to dream big- those dreams are REAL and we can reach them.

How does this quote inspire you?

I'm offering this as a free printable for you- simply right-click the image below (this is created as a 5x7, so it would be perfect in a frame in your creative space!)  Save it to your computer or print it.

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  1. Cute kids, great idea's. thanks

  2. Cute! I'm a new fan! Come on over to Lovely Little Snippets to link up your great ideas! I'd love to have you!


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