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Wednesday, February 23

Scrappin' Wednesday no. 7

There's a reason I got out of regular scrapbooking.  It wasn't just the astronomical expense of buying all the cute papers, embellishments, stamps, and tools.  The main problem, for me, was that it just took too darn long.

I am not a patient crafter.  I tend towards laziness in making things, though it probably contributes to the stress I feel when things don't turn out right.  I should remedy that sometime :)

I would often create a scrapbook page that took several hours.  Several hours for one stinkin' page!  I had to choose the pictures.  Then I had to choose a layout.  Next I had to cut and crop my pictures.  I had to choose embellishments, and try to make it cute. I would agonize forever over what I was putting on- and most of the time I ended up not being all that satisfied with it.

Digital scrapbooking significantly cuts down the time it takes to create a page, if you are at least mildly computer savvy.  Still, sometimes, I have a page like this one.

I just could not figure out what I wanted to do with this page.  I changed backgrounds three times.  I tried all sorts of embellishments.  I played with my drop shadows.  When all is said and done, it took me over an hour.  (Thank goodness for nap/quiet time!)

I'm still not sure this is my finished product- so I'll just call it my for-now draft.

I do enjoy the embellishments.  I love the fish tags, though they turned out a little weird since the graphic was "crop-protected".  Never seen that before!  And, the stitching actually has leaves attached to it, but I cropped them off.  I really wanted that stitching, but not the leaves.

Tip:  Don't get stuck using a whole "kit" together- sometimes embellishments from other kits, or things you've found by themselves, work better for your page than what is included in a kit.

Thanks for looking!