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Friday, February 4

Freezer Paper V-day shirts

My two boys needed some V-day shirts, so I decided to try my hand at freezer paper stenciling.  There are many great projects out there using this wonderful medium, and it couldn't be easier.  Ashley at Make It and Love It did a great post with all the basics, so please check it out here:

I used my Silhouette software to create the designs I wanted to use.  I used Google Images and the local department stores for ideas.  I finally settled on two for my boys.

I cut the stencil with my Silhouette, then ironed it on to the shirts.  I bought these shirts at Target for $3.  They had pockets, but I used a seam ripper to remove them.

When the main outline was done, I ironed on the little pieces that complete the letters.

I then used acrylic craft paint (or you could use fabric paint) for the stencil.  I let them dry for a few minutes, then peeled the freezer paper off.  The designs came out almost completely clean and oh so cute!

I used the stencil brush a little too vigorously on this one, so it ended up a little fuzzy.  Don't make my mistake!

My boys look like the lady-killers they will no doubt one day be. Although big brother was not in a picture-taking mood.....

I'd love to see what you've done with freezer paper stencils!  You can post your photos on my Facebook page.  Happy creating!


  1. HI!!!! Just wanted to message you today to let you know that you are my Super-Blogger of the week for Friend Finding Friday today. That puts you in the #2 spot. Congrats! Hope you have a great weekend!

    xo, Supermom Alysha

  2. Following you from FFF! Congrats on #2!

  3. I love the shirts, I've been wanting to try to do some of those, maybe when life slows down a bit ;o) You're Amazing and I'm so glad to call you my friend.


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