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Sunday, February 20

Bedroom Shelf Makeover

I am an interior designer.
In my head.
In real life, I have a really difficult time pulling things together in a way that is both beautiful and a match to my personal style. Thank goodness for the internet, for home magazines, and for inspiration from some of my favorite blogs!  I'm slowly starting to get better.

I'm starting small.  My master bedroom needs a makeover.  Anyone else?  I love my furniture, but my bedding and decor- eh.  I NEED HELP!  Unfortunately, the last thing I need to be spending money on is frivolous things like a new comforter, when we have a new A/C (and more) to pay off!  So, inspired by Nike from Choose to Thrive (seriously, go there and read- you'll be inspired too!) , I'm trying to "rock what I've got" and use things I already own to fill in the ugly space.

On that note, here's my bedroom shelf before:  Wait- before I post it, I must tell you that yes, I am embarrassed to be posting this picture.  I pretty much stuck this stuff up there when we moved in 7 years ago, and haven't touched it since.  In that time, styles, and my taste, have changed- meaning, I've developed some!  Anyway (cringe) here it is:

See what I mean?  Total waste of space.
Here it is above my bed.

So- I knew I wanted to go with whites and neutrals.  So, the first thing I did was get rid of the silver frame.  We got it for our wedding, so it has sentimental value, but for decor?  Well.....

Next, I found a new home for everything else on the shelf.  To replace what was there, I took an empty frame I already had and added some vinyl to the glass.

Then I jumped on the Pottery Barn bandwagon and ripped the covers off some old paperbacks.  I tied the bundle with some jute rope and voila!

I added some flowers, a white candle, and a burlap rosette I had hanging around my craft room, then spent forever messing around with the arrangement until I came up with this:

  It feels so much better.  It's romantic, it's cozy, and it just makes me feel happy looking at it. Total cost $5- for the frame from IKEA.  Everything else I had on hand.

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  1. wow what an update! Looks great. I think you're a fantastic interior designer!

  2. Amazing how small changes can have such a big impact. Looks great!

  3. Love the books wrapped in jute and I love how simple this is but makes such a great statement. Love it! I also love the sign, Love is spoken here. Love that hymn and everytime we sing it at church I want to put it somewhere in my house, just never have. And you so could be an interior designer :)

  4. It's breathtaking! You did so well! Bravo :)


  5. I liked this post very much..I m interior and ur site really helped me. A+ for this nice post.

  6. I keep telling Chris I need a vinyl machine. I haven't been able to justify the purchase yet. IT will be my reward as soon as my entire house is decluttered!

  7. Totally cute! I really love the frame. Great job. :) I am a new follower.

  8. Great job! Visitng from Embellishing Life link party. New follower, excited to see more! Thanks for sharing.

    ~Jess @

  9. LOVE the way you decorated the shelf! It makes a big difference. It looks so soft and serene. Just came across your blog and I'm a new follower.

  10. It looks beautiful. I'm your newest follower. Be sure to stop by my blog Monday and add your project to the More The Merrier Monday Link Party.

  11. great update! It really adds a nice element to the space!

  12. OMGoodness!!! I love it! I was laughing out loud when I read the begining! I am the SAME way. You did a great job! Love the saying on the frame :)


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