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Thursday, October 21

One last Fall Craft: 2x4 Pumpkins

Thank you to Janet at Today's Fabulous Finds for the inspiration.  I have bookmarked about five different homemade pumpkin projects, and haven't made any of them!  When I saw her 2x4 pumpkins, I knew I had everything on hand except the paint, so I decided these were the ones!  Plus, they are just adorable.

Here's how mine turned out.  I followed her directions exactly, and it took me just a few hours (interrupted by phone calls and the needs of small children).

I put them in my kitchen to add just a touch of fall decor.  So far, it's been pretty neglected as far as seasonal decor goes.  

Thanks again Janet!  

I'm already starting to feel the need to move on to Christmas decor.  It's either the list of handmade Christmas presents I am planning, or the creeping decor in the stores that is starting to call out to me.  Either way, I'm pretty sure this is my last fall craft of the season.  But, you never know when inspiration will strike!


  1. Your pumpkinds turned out cute. I just made some 2x4 pumpkins and posted about it too. Too funny :) Here's my post- if you feel like checking it out.

  2. Those are so cute! I just may have to give these a try!

  3. I love these pumpkins! I wanted to make some myself but just never got around to it. Lovely blog. I'm following from Tara's hop :-)

  4. You are so clever! New follower from Weekend Blog Hop!

  5. Thanks so much for mentioning my pumpkins! Yours turned out so cute! I love your choice of ribon!

  6. Hello,
    Love your pumpkins, following from Weekend Blog Hop.

  7. Those are AWESOME! And you could make them for so many different holidays!

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    Thank you!


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