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Monday, October 25

Toy Story Gang

We had a Trunk or Treat Halloween party at our church this weekend.  It was a great opportunity to show off the kids' costumes.

I made my daughter's Jessie costume.  I have to say that I am not a great sewer- I really had no idea what I was doing.  I made my own pattern pieces for the yoke (the yellow part of the shirt) by laying paper over a white dress shirt and tracing the approximate shape of  what I wanted onto the paper.  It took some refining, but finally I got a shape I was happy with.  I chose to sew it onto the shirt, but you could probably fuse it on too.  For the cuffs, I again made my own pattern based on the shape I wanted, then sewed them to the existing sleeves.  I used yarn and hot glue for the embellishments, and felt circles for the buttons.  For the pants, I fused cow print fabric onto a pair of old jeans.  The belt buckle was made out of craft foam- I traced the bull on from a picture I found online.  Her hair was red yarn, braided and attached to her hat.  The hat, we already had from a dance recital.  You can't see them, but we bought cheap-o boots at Walmart and spray painted them red with glitter.

Buzz's costume was store bought.  I'm not talented enough to make one of those by hand!  Plus it was only $14, so I figured it was a good buy.  I did have to hem the legs and sleeves, so he got a little mom TLC out of it.

For Mr. Potato Head, I used a picture online to determine what his face should look like.  I made the body into a bib, since my son hated the jumper I originally made.  I used brown broadcloth and used an existing bib for a pattern.  The face pieces were made of felt and attached using glue.  I originally used Heat n Bond, but he kept pulling the pieces off.  Babies......

I thought they turned out great.  Jessie even won Best Overall Costume at the party.  Are you ready for Halloween?


  1. Amazing job on the costumes!! My son was Woody for our ward's trunk-or-treat... lol!

  2. I love potato head! great idea!!!

  3. The kids toy story costumes are so beautiful, they all look like the characters of the animated movie. You can use them in birthdays too, along with toy story birthday party favors.


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