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Friday, July 2

Bread Box Re-do

I was so inspired by this Bread Box Transformation at Paisley Inspirations.  I had never even considered making over my breadbox until I saw this.  However, we just painted our kitchen red, and I couldn't really find a patterned paper that went with some of the other elements in our kitchen (like my curtains), so I decided to just keep my bread box redo simpler.

Sorry, I don't have a before picture.  This is a cheapo oak-colored wood breadbox I got 5 or 6 years ago from Target.  I painted it black, slapped on some vinyl cut with my lovely Silhouette, and voila!

Again, if you don't have vinyl, a stencil would work just as well.
I don't think it could get easier than this.  And yet, it looks lovely in my newly painted kitchen.

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  1. Great job and sounds so simple! I wish I had more counter space to keep a bread box out!!


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