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Wednesday, July 21

Family Wall Hanging

I never said I was creative- just crafty.  Occasionally.

I'm really not great at coming up with my own ideas.  Instead, I often just copy things that I find in blog-land.  I do usually try to put my own spin on projects, but when I saw this "Family" wall hanging at Dittle Dattle, I pretty much loved everything about it.


It's beautiful- so I made my own.  I used my own font, but everything else down to the color scheme is pretty much the same.
Oh- here's something else different.  Carrie used leftover molding, and, well, I didn't have any molding.  So I bought this wood at Michael's for about 87 cents a board.  I needed three pieces to complete my project.

I cut the boards into uneven pieces- mine were 2 each at 6 1/2, 5 1/2, and 5 inches long and the wood was about 4 inches in width.

Mod Podge the paper on.  I am loving black and white these days.

Apply Vinyl.  I used the "Harrington" font on my Silhouette to cut the letters.

Attach ribbon with hot glue.  I wanted mine to hang at the same level so the ribbon length varied.

Finished!  Now all I need is a black curtain rod- or some black spray paint- to get this baby up on my wall.  Thanks again, Carrie for the inspiration!


  1. Your project looks great!
    & I'm a big borrower too : )

  2. I love it! It looks awesome. And you're still creative!!

    Stop by my blog, I gave you an award!

  3. This is so cute and simple. I just got a Silhoutte and I am excited about using it but still figuring it out.Thanks

  4. Step four says to apply vinyl; what is that? Do you mean vinyl sheets in your machine to cut out the letters?

    1. Sharon- that's exactly right. I buy rolls of vinyl, and then I used my Silhouette to design the letters and cut them out.

    2. How did you attach the vinyl to the boards? Did you mod podge that on as well?

    3. Karen- the vinyl is adhesive vinyl. It is sticky on the back so once the letters are cut, you just lift and apply it to the board. You can use contact paper or transfer tape to move it so it doesn't stretch or lose its shape but you don't need to for single letters.


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