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Monday, July 5

Bathroom Redo

Painting the kitchen got us in a painting mood. I was inspired by a blog post at Show and Tell to convert our boring sheet mirror in the bathroom into something a little more classy by adding molding as a frame. We had some mis-steps along the way, but eventually it turned out great. Well, then we decided we really liked the black in the bathroom, and since we didn't want to replace the cabinets, we simply painted them black. We also painted our clock and added a new light fixture over the mirror.
Here's the before: (ignore the pajama-clad photographer)

Here's the after:

I love my bathroom!  And, since this is UCreate's project of the month, I am sending the link there.  Perfect timing!


  1. I'm wanting to do this to my mirror, how did you attach the wood?

  2. We used Liquid Nails and just used painter's tape to hold it in place while it dried for 24 hours. Worked perfectly!

  3. I love it!! So fun to see what the other girls did with Kari @ U Create. I was just going to do the mirror but it turned into a whole bathroom re-do too!

  4. Oh my gosh - I am so jealous. I love it. Who knew what just a bit of paint & a few subtle changes could do! Very cute.

  5. New follower! Saw you on UCreate and I have to say you have totally inspired me to paint my bathroom cupboards black! They look great!


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