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Monday, February 1

Valentine's Day Embroidery Hoop Art

Since Valentine's Day is coming up, I thought I'd share one of my favorite projects with you!  I made this last year about halfway through February, so I can't wait to pull it out for my V-day decor this year.

For this project, I combined my love of embroidery with Valentine's Day, and came up with this "Love" Embroidery Hoop Art.

I designed the pattern myself, using a pencil to trace it onto my fabric.  Then I placed my fabric and batting into an embroidery hoop, and got to work on the text.  I used a simple running stitch.

I used some fabric from my stash to create the letters, adhering them to my hoop fabric with Heat n Bond.  This also keeps the fabric from fraying.

I added an applique stitch and some outlining to help the letters stand out clearly against the white fabric.

This makes a great little wall hanging, or you can display it on a stand with your other Valentine's Day decor.

I "Love" it- and I hope you do too!

Thanks for stopping by today, and have a wonderful week!

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