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Tuesday, February 16

Don't Blink Doctor Who Graphic Tee

Show your Doctor Who love with this creepy "Don't Blink" shirt

Hey everyone.  I'm Valerie, and I'm a nerd.

 I'm showing off my nerdy side today with this creepy and cool Doctor Who tshirt.
This is so easy to make with a vinyl cutter, and I am including the .studio file for anyone who wants it.  Download yours here.

You will need some Heat Transfer Vinyl (I used white smooth Easyweed Siser brand) to cut.  A 12x12 piece is plenty.

Simply cut the design as pictured in the file.  (yes the file is backward.  Anything with HTV must be mirrored.)  Make sure to put your HTV in your machine with the shiny side down!

Weed away the extra HTV, leaving the design on the clear backing.

Prepare your t-shirt by placing a cardboard piece or something similar in between the front and back.

Place on a hard surface.  I use a large cardboard piece on my tile floor for pressing t-shirts with an iron, since I don't have a heat press. Super classy, I know.

Place your design as desired on your tee.  I had to do mine in 2 pieces because my Cameo was being a pain.

Cover the plastic backing with a thin cloth, and press for 30 seconds in each area.  I put my whole body weight into it to really get it into the fabric.

Let the backing cool slightly, then peel away from the shirt, leaving the HTV behind.  If desired, replace cloth and carefully press design again.

That's all there is to making your own custom shirts!  You can do this with any design!

P.S.  I promise my design is on my shirt straight, but when I stand my shirt twists and it looks funky.  Guess I should have chosen a different shirt!

If you don't have Silhouette Studio, you can make this design using the "Destroy" font and tracing a weeping angel image from the internet.

I can't wait to wear my shirt out and find some fellow Doctor Who fans!

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Do you have a nerdy side?  Are you in a fandom?  I want to hear all about it!
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