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Monday, June 15

Fingerprint Wedding Table Numbers

Make your wedding extra special with a personal "touch"- make these Fingerprint Table Number Cards to bring extra sweetness to your wedding reception!

Whether you are having your table number cards printed or are making them from scratch, this idea can easily be incorporated in your design!  

Start by including the names of the bride and groom at the top.  Leave a space wide enough between the names for a fingerprint heart.

Include the table number in large numerals at the bottom of the card.

When your cards are ready to go, the bride and the groom should each ink up their thumb and apply their thumbprints- bride's thumb angled to the right, groom's thumb angled to the left and just overlapping at the bottom.

I used red for the fingerprint hearts but it would also be cute to use your wedding colors-- one for the bride and a different color for the groom.

Using your own fingerprints to sweeten up something that could be overlooked like a table number card will make your wedding stand out!  And, it's simple and quick to do!

Enjoy your big day!  Now click on the button to find out what everyone else has come up with for Craft Lightning: Weddings!

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