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Friday, June 5

10 Awesome Travel Activities for Older Kids

The internet is full of fabulous travel ideas for younger kids!  The only problem is, my kids are getting a bit too old for a lot of them.  Still, I don't really just want to hand them an iPad and say "Have at it!" until we get to our destination!  If you're there with me, then today's post, full of travel activities for school-aged kids, is for you!

(Links within this post will either take you to a product on amazon via my affiliate link or to another site/blog with instructions for travel-friendly activity or toy!)

1.  Road Trip Car Bingo from That's What Che Said:  Now that your kids can read and pay attention to detail, have them look for different makes of cars.
2.  Restaurant Bingo from 3 Boys and a Dog:  Similarly, they will have fun reading the roadside signs to find all the different restaurants.  This is particularly helpful when you're crossing state lines and finding restaurants that they don't have in your state!
road trip printables for kids
3.  My son and daughter both love to make friendship bracelets, like these Easy Friendship Bracelets from The Mama's Girls.
Easy Friendship Bracelets
4.  I usully don't allow my kids to play with LEGOs in the car, but they do keep my kids entertained for hours!  These LEGO Activity Storage Kits from U-Create would be the perfect way to (hopefully) contain the LEGOs and keep the kids busy!
DIY Lego Activity Box with Storage
5.  Sketch Pads or Notebooks, like this one for kids from Melissa and Doug.  My kids LOVE to draw, so they each have their own book and set of colored pencils.  I don't allow crayons or markers in the car since a loose crayon can melt in the sun and markers stain upholstery.  And clothes. And skin.  Ask me how I know.....
6.  I love this idea to DIY Travel Games from Thrive.  My kids love to play Monopoly and Sorry- and it would keep them occupied for a long time!  And don't forget to keep the dice in a little container! (see pic below)

Travel activities for kids - love the dice in a container.  Never look for them under the seat again.

7.  Sticker books, sticker books, sticker books.  All my kids love stickers.  Even my 12 year old piano students love stickers.  I love to get themed books that requires them to make creative scenes or match shapes with stickers.  They are quiet and work hard on them for hours!  There are tons listed here, but I love the Ultimate Sticker Collections. 

8.  Travel Activity Books.  One of our favorite is the National Geographic U.S. Road Trip Atlas, but there are many available!  Save your printer ink and spend a few dollars to get a good travel book, and not only will your kids be entertained, but they will learn new things as well!

9.  Books and Magazines.    There is no substitute for a good book, and if you have bookworms for kids like I do, this might be all you need!  Growing up, we were always allowed to buy a new book for a road trip, so I am continuing the tradition with my kids.  They also have quite a library of favorites to bring along as well.  You could also check out new books from the library, but personally, I'm always afraid I will lose them somewhere along the way.

As for magazines- if you don't subscribe to a children's magazine, you can pick up a copy either from the library or from the bookstore.  We love Highlights, National Geographic Kids, and the Friend.

10.  Roadtrip Fun Folder from 123Homeschool4Me.  My kids particularly love to play the Alphabet Game, Tic Tac Toe, and the Dot Game.  Print out the ones that appeal to your kids!

FREE Printable Car Games for Kids #roadtrip #kids #travelingwithkids

Well, there you have it!  I hope you have some fun ideas to keep your olders entertained on your next road trip.  What would you add to the list?

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