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Monday, February 16

LDS Activity Days Handout- I Am Temple Worthy

We were so excited that the new Phoenix LDS temple opened only a few miles from our house last November.

Phoenix LDS Temple

For us and other members of our church, our temples are the most sacred buildings we have.  We believe they are truly God's houses here on Earth, and that when we are worshipping inside, we can feel His Spirit.  They are beautiful, pure and clean, as we aspire to be.  (You can learn more about our temples here)

My husband is the bishop of our ward (congregation), and he wanted something to give the kids who aren't ready to enter the temple yet because of age, or maybe because their parents haven't let them be baptized yet.  It's difficult for those kids to not be able to go when all their friends can.

I am Temple Worthy LDS Handout

So, I made up these temple recommend place-holders.  They can put them in their wallet or on their mirror, and it will remind them to live the gospel standards even if they're not quite ready to go inside the temple yet.

I am Temple Worthy LDS Handout

I think this would be great to use for an Activity Days activity or a lesson on temples.  Please feel free to download a set and print them out- I have some for girls and boys on the same sheet.

I'd love to know how you will use these in your ward!  Also, check out our other LDS-themed projects here, and see what I've been pinning on my LDS Finds Pinterest board!

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