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Thursday, December 11

Wooden Sign: Just Be Clause!

I think one of the greatest things about being crafty is seeing something in a store and saying, "Hey! I could make that myself, and for much cheaper!"  I had that moment when I was walking through the Cracker Barrel store on our way home from Disneyland. They had a great Christmas sign that I just knew I had to make myself.
First I needed some sort of wooden rectangular box. I checked thrift stores, craft stores, and I finally found the right size in an unusual place.

Yup! I used a silverware tray as my base! I know the back will still look like a tray, but I just loved the raised border around the edge. Plus at $7 I was still keeping the project lower than just buying it at Cracker Barrel.

First I spray painted the tray white. Then I used my Silhouette to cut out the words in vinyl. This is another PVPP project! (Well actually PVGP since I didn't paint a second time, I glittered!)  I wanted the words to be red glitter, so I didn't peel off the background, I peeled out the letters and placed the rest carefully inside the tray using transfer tape.

Then I learned something which almost ruined my project. I used spray adhesive and poured all my glitter on and waited for it to dry. Almost none of the glitter stuck! Now I was left with a glittery mess and still had to find a way to get the letters to be all glitter. Thankfully I hadn't peeled off the vinyl yet. I let it sit for a while and then tried again with Mod Podge. It worked, thank goodness!

It turned out just how I imagined, and to me it's a little better than Cracker Barrel's, not only because I like my font better, but because I made it myself. A true DIY project! I guess this could have fit our Red and White theme from our Sister's Challenge last week!

What DIY Projects have you done this holiday season?
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