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Monday, December 29

2015 Printable Planner Review from Sweet Anne Designs

Well, Christmas is over, and it's time to start thinking of the New Year.
One of my major goals is definitely to improve my organization.  
I'm an old-fashioned gal.  Even though I have an iPhone and spend a lot of time connected, I still like to keep track of dates and things in a paper planner.  I like being able to flip through the pages and see exactly what I need to do each week.
Kayla of Say Not Sweet Anne has designed a series of modular printable planners for everyone's use.  There is a Student Planner, a Regular Monthly Planner, a Meal Planning Planner, and a Lesson Planning planner.  There are also add-ons you can purchase for any planner, such as Blog Tracking, Class Schedule, Meal Plans, Important Dates, and Activity/Extra-Curricular Tracking.
Printable 2015 Modular Planner. Download and print! Choose between several variations, including some with meal or lesson planning! Available in two sizes, 4 colors and with several add-ons to make your planner suit you! | saynotsweetanne.com | #etsy #planner #printable #organize
They also come in full-size (notebook size) or Junior size- (half page, easy to fit in a purse!)
I tried out the Junior Size Monthly Planner with the Blog Tracking Add-On, in the Blue Wave design.
When you buy your planner, Kayla will customize it for you.  I printed out my planner and had it bound at Staples with a clear front cover and a blue back cover.  So a complete planner cost about $20 plus any printing costs.  Not bad for a beautiful custom blog planner!
My favorite thing about this planner, and a must-have in my opinion, is the weekly view design.  I like being able to see my whole month at a glance,
but I must know exactly what is going on each week.  
This planner has plenty of room to write, even though I could not get my planner to print full-size.  (Don't get me started on my finicky printer- I barely even got it to print the planner at all!)
I love the size, too- it is perfect to fit in my purse and bring with me wherever I go.
I am thrilled to have a place where I can keep track of my blog stats and post ideas.  I always say I'm going to do this, but I never do.  Now I pretty much have no excuse!
If you'd like to buy one for you or to help someone in your life get more organized, visit Say Not Sweet Anne  and use coupon EARLYBIRDPLANNER for $3 off your purchase (good just until 12/31/14)
Tell me- are you a planner person or do you use your phone/computer/tablet to stay organized?
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  1. Oh my thank thank you for this I will really have to print this, I really love the blog page this will truly help me with my blogging


  2. looks like a great planner...good review!

  3. I love planners! I just ordered a lovely one for my blog from Minted!

  4. This planner looks super awesome! Getting more organized is one of my new years goals too!

  5. For my blog I have a paper planner in a binder...too much to keep track of and flipping from screen to screen to screen on my phone would drive me nuts. For "Life" (bills, appts, etc) I use my google calendar. I should look at it more often...lol I am always forgetting things.

  6. These printouts look awesome!!! I seriously need a planner for my life haha!

  7. These look great! I'm more of a digital person but I might download these and use them as ideas!


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