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Wednesday, November 5

Sister's Challenge {Gold}: PVPP Wedding Gift Art

Hey all- we're back with our monthly "Sisters' Challenge", where Laura and I start with the same material and come up with our own unique projects, without discussing them at all!  You can see our previous challenges here.  
This month we decided to make something that used gold.  You can take that so many different ways!  Laura and I often think alike in our challenges, but this time I'm fairly confident we have totally different projects.  
Today I'm sharing something I made for a recent wedding gift using a technique I've showcased before on the blog.  However, I only recently learned the technique has a name: PVPP.
So what does PVPP stand for?
P- Paint
V- Vinyl
P- Paint (again)
P- Peel.
Here's my lovely black and gold Romantic Quote Wall Art

and here's how I made it:
1.  Paint:  Paint your board the color you want your design/text to be.  Make sure to let it dry fully.  I painted mine this fantastic gold color.
2.  Vinyl:  Apply your vinyl on top of your board and make sure all edges are firmly adhered to the board.  This is a great way to use up a color you don't really use much.
3.  Paint again:  Paint over your vinyl, being careful not to push any of it up.  Let dry to the touch.
4.  Peel:  Peel off the vinyl to show off your design.  Touch up any needed spots with a paintbrush.
If you're interested in the design, let me know in the comments or via email.
I love it!  Now, make sure you stop by tomorrow to see what Laura did with "gold".  
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  1. This wall art looks great! What font did you use?

    1. Thanks! It's called Antrokas Demo and you can find it here:

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