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Wednesday, October 29

Kid's Gift For the Holidays: Petz Beach Review

Do you like to shop for Christmas or other holidays early?  I do.  I'd rather spread the cost out over several months instead of waiting until the last minute.  Plus this way, I have plenty of time to look for the best prices!

If you have kids ages 7 and up that have a Nintendo DS, I can confidently recommend to you a brand new game that just launched in stores this month: Petz Beach!

This game is perfect for the child who loves taking care of electronic pets, completing adventures with their online friends, and connecting with other Petz owners.
I knew my 9 year old daughter would love this game, so she happily tested it out for me.  She was so enthralled I could barely get her to look up and tell me about the game.  

We did chat later, though, and I thought I'd share with you what my 9-year old loved about Petz Beach.
  • There are lots of animals to choose from (over 50 including everything from dogs and cats to dolphins and whales!)
  • The game always changes!  As you explore the "town" and meet new "neighbors", the game expands and grows.  There's always something new to do.
  • She's learning things along the way.  (Okay, that might be my favorite thing!)  But really, since it is partnered with Encyclopedia Brittanica, the kids learn as they complete missions, learning facts about animals, insects, and plants.

A sister game also launched this month, titled Petz Countryside, which is basically the same type of game in a completely new environment.

As I said, I knew my daughter would love the game, but my 7 year old son also really enjoyed playing it!  We actually have to have a schedule for whose turn it is to play Petz Beach.  I know this game will be fun for your children too, whether you have boys or girls.  

You can purchase the game here and put it away for a birthday or holiday.  We also love to give out a new game for a road trip, so if you're traveling this season that might be a great time to present your children with Petz Beach.

Do you have kids or nieces/nephews/grandkids who would like this game?

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