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Tuesday, October 21

Halloween HOME Letters!

A few months ago Valerie shared her HOME interchangeable letters from fingersnapper.com. If you're just starting out you can buy an H, an M, and an E, and then you change the O for different seasons of the year!
I've gone a little crazy with Halloween this year, and I decided try these letters out too! They come unfinished and you get to decorate it which ever way you want! (I was brave enough to do some straight cuts with my jigsaw, but nothing like this on my own yet!)
The perfect place for my letters is on the banister right near the front door. Now when my piano students and guests come in the house, this is the first thing they see!
I painted the H, M and E a neutral ivory color and gave it a little sparkle. Hopefully this will work well with most holidays and other O's. 
I painted my Halloween "O" black and covered it with some spider web and of course, a spider.
This is my last Halloween craft for this season! I've loved adding to my collection, though now I might need a bigger box to store everything in...

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