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Tuesday, September 2

Metal Star Challenge: Laura's Results!

It's time to see the first half of the results for our Metal Star Challenge! I loved having Valerie visit us in Colorado over the Fourth of July. It was while we were roaming through the Brass Armadillo, an awesome antique store, that we came up with this idea to start with the same materials and see what we each could come up with!
Drumroll please....
While we were still at the antique store, I found some old plumbing fixtures. With the metal stars already in my hand I could see a patriotic theme arising with the help of red and blue handles! 

All I needed to do was get the right hardware, and find a way to put holes in my stars. I used this super handy punch that I found at Michael's. It's meant for heavier materials and it said thin tin sheets would work, and boy am I glad that it did!

With the holes in place I attached the plumbing fixtures with a simple nut and bolt. Then I attached my stars together with this decorative red wire I had used in the past for some accents on a Christmas card. Then to give it a little softness I added ivory ribbon bows.

 I call it my star-spangled banner!

I can't wait to see what Valerie did! Look for her results soon!

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  1. Wow they are amazing! Well done ladies!

  2. Those are really neat! I would love to own one! You should sell them..... I could see you making wind chimes etc.

  3. Wow! Those are amazing. Really great idea.

  4. What a neat idea! I'd definitely hang that somewhere around my house :)

    1. Thanks Trish and everyone for the compliments! I love working with unconventional materials and had a blast doing the challenge with my sister :)


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