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Tuesday, July 15

Cutting Edge Card Stencils!

How many of you remember my bathroom makeover using Cutting Edge Stencils? I still get so many compliments and it looks as good as it did when I first put it up!

Cutting Edge Stencils contacted us a few weeks ago to see if we were interested in trying any of their new products. Um, yes! Valerie is in the middle of a bedroom/bathroom remodel and she found the perfect stencil to use. Look for her results in the near future. 

My interest was peaked when they were featuring card sized stencils for crafting projects! You know how much I love making my own cards, so I had to give it a try.

I picked the Birch Forest stencil. I've always loved this one but couldn't commit to doing a whole room with it. A card is the perfect place for some trees! On the Cutting Edge website it shows a lot of cards that were painted on or maybe even inked with stamper pads. I wanted to go for a different look so I decided I was going to use the stencil and a pen to trace outlines of trees.

I tried a red pen on white card stock. I tried black pen on tan card stock. And then I tried a white pen on black card stock and I love how it looked!

Now that I had the perfect setting for my card it was time for my creativity to kick in. I am most likely going to use this for an upcoming wedding, so I cut out some cute little birds on my Silhouette, used crafting wire for a nest, stamps for my words and a button brad to pull it all together!

Now for a review of the stencil. I love how sturdy the Cutting Edge Stencils are. Even this one was very easy to work with. I didn't find myself slipping and making mistakes, even when I was trying multiple color combinations. I was, however, surprised at the size of the stencil. My card is your standard 4x6 size, and the stencil is obviously much larger. I could only use a portion of the stencil for the card. If you're interested in using their card stencils, they have two sizes, card and page. I think I was sent the page size instead of the card size, so be sure to pick accordingly. Still, I made it work and love the results!

You can see the entire collection of card stencils here, and be sure to check out everything they have to offer! I've been wanting to brave my textured walls and try another wall stencil again!
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