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Tuesday, May 20

Movie Night Teacher Gift!

A lot of schools are starting to finish up. My kiddos get out on May 29th! I am so excited for summer to begin, but I have to thank those who have taught my kids so much this past year.
I'm always torn on what to do for teachers. There are lots of cute ideas out there, but my kids have a lot of teachers. They see a different teacher for reading, a different one for math, music, art, P.E., poetry, language arts, spelling... ack! That's a lot of teachers. They've all had an impact on my children's education so I want to thank them all without breaking the bank. I also like to give the teachers something they'll use. I think I nailed it on the head with these 'movie night' thank you gifts!
If you look on pinterest you'll see a lot of movie themed thank you gifts, but I altered mine a bit to make it more cost effective, and honestly, easier for my kids to carry around and hand out to teachers.
 Putting these into popcorn cups/tubs are cute, but bulky.
So first I found the movie/gift tags here. I printed these out on one side...

And then added a Redbox rental code on the back! If you go to and click on 'gifts', there's an area at the bottom to purchase a bundle of rental codes. We had 10 teachers so I picked 10 codes for $12. (I figured even if we don't use them all, I will use the codes!) I emailed the codes to myself and then carefully copied them onto my document that I was going to print out for the gift tags. I also used my laminator to make it more sturdy and gift card-like.

I added a pack of microwave popcorn, a box of candy, and some ribbon to come up with a very economical gift for the teachers! I hope they will enjoy it.

What are you doing for teachers this year? Share your ideas with us on Facebook or comment below!
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  1. I love this idea, Laura! The last day of school is tomorrow, and I'm sitting at the computer creating something to give in the morning. Wish I had seen this earlier! Pinned for next year.


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