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Wednesday, April 10

Spring Fling Day 3: Urban Outfitters-Inspired Bun Wrap by Peacoats and Plaid

Okay crafters- you are in for a fun treat today!  I "met" Bre through Online BlogCon and became an instant fan of her blog.  She makes crafting so amazingly fun and sassy.  I just love her style and have so much fun reading her blog.  And her projects?  (singing voice) Awe-some!   So, let's get to it!

Hey there, I’m BreAnna from Peacoats & Plaid. I'm dropping by to share my latest knock-off project:

I found this accessory while perusing the Urban Outfitters site and thought,
"Hey, self. I can probably make one of those. For way less. Challenge accepted."

Lucky for you, I'm willing to share my secrets so that you can make one or ten of your own.

1. Felt of various colors to create flowers and leaves
2. Florist wire
3. Hot glue
4. Hot glue gun
(not pictured) scissors, flower tutorials

Using whatever flower pattern you would like, make a few small felt flowers. 
Cut a few leaf shapes out of green felt (I free-handed them.)

Cut 3 pieces of florist wire approximately 11 inches long (my buns are pretty big *bah dum ching!* so I wanted to make sure my flower chain was long enough to wrap around it completely.)
Twist the wires together to make a stronger, long wire piece.

Hot glue a 3 inch piece of florist wire to each leaf shape.

Stagger the leaves along the main twisted wire piece and secure by wrapping the ends around.

Hot glue a 3 inch piece of florist wire to the back of each flower.

Stagger the flowers with the leaves and secure the same way, 
by wrapping the end of the wire around the main wire piece.

Cut a 1/4 inch strip of green felt, secure to one end with hot glue. 
Work your way from the bottom to the top by wrapping tightly and hot gluing every few inches. 
Make sure you cover where you secured the leaves and flowers to the main wire piece.

Tah dah! This is what it should look like laid out straight...

... and this is what it looks like wrapped around.

To wear: wrap around your bun and secure the ends by twisting around each other.

Hope you enjoyed my crafty-kitsch alternative to Urban Outfitter's flower chain bun wrap. 
I think it's very flower child-ish and totally spring appropriate. 
For more crafty fun (among other things) come visit me at Peacoats & Plaid.

See?  Awesome!  Now, don't forget to stop by this afternoon to see the CUTEST vintage fabric my friend Becky is offering one of YOU.  See you soon!

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  1. It looks great. I think I like your version better :)

  2. Thanks Heidi and Natasha! I get so embarrassed when I do a tutorial because my nails always happen to look DISGUSTING when I go to take photos :/

  3. This is adorable! I have been clipping flowers onto buns lately, though I admit that this is mostly to hold stray hair in place, so I definitely want to give this a go!


  4. I like yours way better. I'd love to try this, but I'm not that crafty.


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