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Friday, November 16

Thanksgiving Kids' Table

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Christmas may be just around the corner but Thanksgiving time is here! Since Valerie and I are getting together this year for Thanksgiving we knew we had to craft it up a little bit, and what better way to do that than to create a cute kid's Thanksgiving table?

Since we divided up the crafts and won't physically be together until the day before Thanksgiving, here are some individual shots of each project and a partially put together table. We'll be sure to post the finished product next week!

First off you need a great centerpiece. I stole inherited this cute turkey from our Mom, and have been nagging my hubby to help me spruce it up. I wanted him to drill holes in it so I could fill it with suckers. This must be my lucky year because here she is in all her candied glory!

We thought about doing a table cloth, even one with cute painted handprint turkeys on it, but in the end we decided to cover the kid's table in butcher paper. This provides a great fall color, something to catch food, and also something to color on (and it can just be recycled)! Valerie had the BEST idea to look for brown wrapping paper amongst all the holiday wrapping paper, since butcher paper can be expensive. I found a roll of brown gift wrap at Hobby Lobby for $3.99! And then I found the same thing, but a smaller roll, at the dollar store. Awesome!

Now that the table is covered, I came up with these great place mats for the kids using my Silhouette Cameo. I love that I can trade the blade for a pen and make magic happen. These will be great for the kids to color in!
Speaking of coloring, we just had to do something cute with the crayons. We can thank Eighteen25 (also posted on The Idea Room) for these cute and simple crayon holders.  They were meant to be utensil holders, and were originally WAY too big for crayons.  But Valerie just shrunk them down, and they fit four or five crayouns just perfectly!

Now to add something just for fun. While we were brainstorming, I came across THE cutest paper turkey legs and I just had to make them. This actually came from the Fiskars website, and it's nothing more than a paper bag, some white cardstock for a bone, and letters for their names!

I used my Silhoutte to cut the names out in their favorite colors, but you could use foam letters or even stickers! I also chose to fill them with some fruit snacks and a fruit roll-up for some stability, but you could just stuff them with paper.

Alright, here it is partially finished! Don't you think the kids will love it?

Be sure to check back in next week to see what I'm doing for the adult's table, and what Valerie came up with for activities for the kids. As much as I like to think they can occupy themselves, some special Thanksgiving activities can't hurt!
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