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Friday, October 12

The Glitter Academy- Episode Three

About every six months or so, the girls from I Heart Naptime, Lil'Luna, and Somewhat Simple host a fun craft night for bloggers/crafters in Arizona, the Glitter Academy.  I've been going since the very first one, and I always have a blast! 

This night was no exception.  It was quite different than the other craft nights, because this time we spent most of the night eating a delicious dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory and chatting with the people around us.  

Usually, it's crafting, crafting, and more crafting, but this night was definitely more social-based.

Now, I am introverted by nature.  I'm pretty shy, and it's hard for me to reach out to people I don't know very well.  That's why I drag my best friend Anissa along with me, so I always have someone to talk to!

But tonight, I was thrilled to immediately recognize the Dee from The CSI Project.  She sat next to me, and I had a blast getting to know her "in real life"!

Not a great picture of me- it was so crowded in there.  By the way, would you believe Dee has a kid in college?  I'm dead serious.

I also had some fun gals around me.  It was really fun chatting and enjoying the festivities together.

Aimee and Bettijo from Paging Supermom put together this gorgeous dessert table. 

Aimee is a friend of a friend, and our kids go to the same school.  We enjoy chasing after our rowdies in the pickup line.  Fun times.....

After dinner, they gave away some great prizes and played silly games.  I tried really hard, but could not get a good picture of the games.  Too bad, because they made everyone look ridiculous!  (Get an Oreo from your eyeball to your mouth without dropping it.....)

By the time dinner and games were over, it was already almost 10:00!  But I got to work on my wood plaque from Poppyseed Projects.  Here's mine in progress:

And here's the finished product!  You'll see it in my daughter's room makeover, coming soon (I hope!)

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I even won something!  This is a miracle, because I never win anything.  Usually Anissa wins something (an iPad, concert tickets, cute prizes!)  but I guess her luck rubbed off on me, because I won these cute cabochon earrings from Kristyn.

The night out was over too soon.  Thanks ladies- it was a BLAST!  If you live in Arizona, consider going to the next one- I guarantee you'll be glad you did!

Have a great weekend, everyone!



  1. I would love to attend these events! Maybe you can share more info with me when I see you at our Meet Up! See you soon! Btw, love the plaque!

  2. Thanks so much for coming!!!! I am so glad I wasn't the only one who thought it was a blast! :)


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