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Wednesday, October 3

Scrappin' Wednesday- it's Back!

For those of you who are newer around here, you might not know that I LOVE digital scrapbooking!  For all of 2011, I posted one of my scrapbook pages a week, both so I could play "catch-up" with my pictures, and so you could learn a little more about me and my family.

I haven't done it this year, but I'm falling way behind in my pictures again (I'm two years behind! Yikes!) , and need the motivation to keep scrapping!  So, I'm bringing "Scrappin' Wednesday" back!

This week's layout is kind of a photo dump.  I had a lot of pictures and didn't want to use up a bunch of pages to show them.  So, I made a collage of sorts.  

Every year we try to find a fall festival or pumpkin patch to go to.  It's a great way to celebrate fall and have some fun with the kids, even though it's still REALLY HOT in Phoenix this time of year!  Here's our visit to the Pumpkin Patch.

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Thanks for stopping by today- hope you're having a great week!