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Tuesday, July 17

Lots of Buttons- A Review

Recently I was contacted by the owners of a new website, Lots of Buttons.  They asked if they could feature my Button Clock, and I was thrilled to be asked!  They also asked if I would review their website and product.  You know, readers, that I don't do this a lot these days.  However, I love using buttons in crafting.  There are so many things you can do with them.  A lot of people ask where to find cute or unique buttons, and I thought this website would be a great source.

So, I did receive some free product in return for a review, but I promise, everything I say here is my own opinion!

The Website:
I think it's really attractive, and I love how the buttons are sorted into categories by material type.  You can also search by color, which I found really helpful.  They have a size chart so you make sure to get the right size for your project, too.  I also like that they have pages for craft ideas, and even sewing tutorials for using buttons.

They have so many buttons.  I really can't say how it compares to other sites, but it sure seems like you can find any type of button you need.  There are all price points too- from cheap plain buttons to more expensive decorative buttons carved out of wood or bone.  I would've liked to see a "grab bag" option available, since I love using random buttons as embellishments for crafts.  Maybe that's not their focus, but I know I would've bought one.

The Ordering Process:
If you shop online, then you know what to do.  Choose your buttons, add them to your cart, then checkout.  The only thing that was slightly confusing was that there are only two options, sign in, or continue as guest.  If you want to create an account, there is no indication that you can do that until the  END of the checkout process.  I would love to have that as an option at the beginning, or at least let us know it is coming later.

A note- you save a significant amount by buying in bulk, so save up your button needs to buy all at once.  You also get free shipping when you purchase $25 or more.

Shipping- and the product
Unfortunately, I can't say exactly how long it took, since the buttons came while I was away on vacation.  The website states 1-3 weeks, depending on location.  Mine took somewhere between 1 1/2-2 weeks to come.  It did come from overseas (I'm in Phoenix), so that will make a difference in delivery time.

I am really happy with the buttons.  I chose all red buttons, as I have some holiday projects stirring in my head.

Honestly, these caught my eye first anyway:

Then I saw these peppermint swirls and had to get them.

These polka-dot ones were just too cute to pass up.

Honestly I could've gotten a lot more.  They came in great condition, and they are good quality buttons- exactly what I was expecting.

So, if you need some buttons, I highly recommend Lots of Buttons as a source to check out.  If you do, use this link to get $5 off your $20 purchase!  

Let me know how you like it!