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Friday, July 6

CA Gift Exchange- What I Sent

One of my favorite things to do is participate in online gift exchanges!  It's so fun to make a new crafty friend, and of course, I love making things for people.  This time I participated in the Craftaholics Anonymous Handmade Gift Exchange.  My partner Salena is in Hawaii- I would love to go back there someday, but until then I can live vicariously through her.

I just found out she got her gift, so I can post this without spoiling the surprise.....

I put together a little package with a fun apron, some cute dipped utensils, and a few odds and ends.

I sewed the apron using this tutorial. They turn out so cute and are easy to make.

I have tried to turn this picture a bunch of times and it won't turn.  Grrrr.....
The dipped utensils turned out really cute- I just applied painter's tape where I wanted the paint to stop, then dipped them into a bottle of paint.  I chose some bright colors for summer.   After you shake off the excess paint, just hang them vertically to dry.  I used magnet clothespins.

I finished off with some cabochon earrings and some scrapbook paper magnets.  I guess these are semi-homemade since I just assembled them- I didn't make them totally from scratch :)

I sure hope she likes them- and I'm excited to see what my pal sent me!

Have a great weekend!  I am off to a fun vacation to San Diego with my family.  

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