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Wednesday, May 16

A Special Birthday Card

Soon after I bought my Silhouette I started making my own cards. I love working on a smaller canvas than a regular 12x12 page, and I always picture what it would be like to open an envelope and pull a homemade card out. Who wouldn't love it?

A few years ago my dear friend was expecting her second child, a girl! Around the time of her due date we didn't see or hear from her. The next Sunday she showed up at the end of church no longer pregnant and without a child in her arms. She very calmly told me and a friend that Caelia had been stillborn. Our hearts sank and we looked in on her for awhile. Then it was time to move and the 3 of us vowed to keep in touch since we had bonded over this tragic and special experience.

On Caelia's first birthday, with one of us in Alaska, the other in Massachusetts and me in Korea, there wasn't much more we could do than send flowers and cards. This is why I make my own cards. Nothing in the store can say or convey what needed to be said.

She loved the card so much that she wanted me to make one for her 1st child, and then with much joy she announced the birth of another son a few months ago. What a wonderful blessing for her and her family, and it was time for another card!

I had this cute pennant shape in my image library and used that as inspiration to finish the card. The name was cut out of the card itself with vellum placed behind it for a fun look. 

What do you prefer?  Handmade or store bought?

Have a great rest of your week-


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  1. Cute card! I like giving cards I have made, they are less expensive & more thought was put into it!


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