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Thursday, May 24

Making your own envelopes

Another fun aspect of making your own cards is making envelopes to go with them! You can make your card any size/shape/style you want! I wanted to make a cute square card for my sister's birthday so I needed a square envelope to go with it.

The first tool you need is a scoring board to help you have clean and crisp folding lines. I have the Martha Stewart scoring board because it has a lot of clearly marked divisions, conversion tools and even a compartment to keep you from losing your bone folder.

Next cut your cardstock. In order for my six inch square card to fit I needed to start with a 10x10 page.

Now you can begin scoring with the bone folder using firm but controlled pressure. I turned my paper so it was diamond shaped and scored at the 3 3/4" line. (The scoring board comes with a tool to help keep everything straight) Rotate 90 degrees and score again. Repeat until you have all 4 sides scored. 

Once you have all sides scored you'll notice little triangles where your score lines intersect. I cut these out to avoid bulk when you fold.

Begin folding!

Adhere your sides together in your favorite way. I love my Xyron mega runner!

Now that your envelope is complete you need a card! I put some vellum over this black and white damask card stock, added ribbon and a felt flower.

And here's your finished product!



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