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Monday, April 23

Bow Tie Baby Shower

My sweet friend Nichole has all sisters.  When she got married, she had two girls.  Now, this woman of all things girly is expecting a BOY!  My friends and I thought it would be appropriate to throw her a Bow Tie-themed shower to celebrate all things boy!

We chose black and red as the colors, as her husband is a HUGE AZ Cardinals fan (that's football, for the uninitiated!).  Their nursery is being decorated in these colors, so we thought we'd carry them over into the shower.

Nichole wanted a brunch, and since we had a large amount of people coming, we kept it very simple: Cinnamon Baked French Toast from The Pioneer Woman, lots of fresh fruit and dip, and cinnamon roll pops.

We finished with mini-cupcakes for a treat.

Here's a few shots of the table and decor.  We had originally planned an outdoor brunch, but the day dawned cold and extremely windy.  A last minute decision moved everything inside.  

We handed out favor bags filled with Snickerdoodle White Chocolate Popcorn from Picky Palate.

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It was a success!  We had a really fun morning, and can't wait to hold that little baby boy!

Tell me- what does my friend NEED to know about boys?  Share in the comments below!

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  1. Expect to be rained on by the 'Golden Shower' at least once, especially in the early days. I always kept a baby wipe over that area when changing my son, but I also cleaned up a lot of flyaway pee. lol Since I only have one son I can't comment on how girls are, but little boys are such lovebugs and cuddlers with their moms. My son loves his Daddy but he is my little shadow. He gives me hugs and kisses, helps me clean and wants to do just about anything I do. I think that may change in a few years, but until then enjoy it! :)

  2. Being the mom of 2 boys I can tell you that its a JOY! Boys are rough, tough, but loveable. They can bounce off of everything and will have bruises on their shins, knees and elbows. This just goes with the territory. They are fearless, unstoppable and head strong. What a blessing!! I wouldn't trade my boys for anything....
    Congrats to your friend and best of luck!

  3. After 2 girls, I finally got my boy. And while I would say to beware of getting "sprinkled" on occasion, it was my body that had a hard time after I had my son.
    But I will say this, a boy after girls is so much fun. They grunt differently. Boys do things so differently, even as babies. Just have fun, and enjoy it all!

  4. What a lovely thing to do. I have 4 boys. They all love mommy. They are loving, giving. Make sure you have somewhere for them to burn off energy - trampolines are great.

    Congratulations to your friend.

  5. What a fun shower! I love the colors, and the bow tie theme is SO fun. Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!

  6. Loved the colors used for baby shower party! Decorations are done amazingly. Well going to organize baby shower party for my sister at New York venues and will invite all her friends. Hope it will be an amazing party and will book a nice cake from bakers.


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