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Tuesday, April 10

Ballerina Party

Oh, Michaels, you, one of my  favorite stores.... this time you let me down.
We booked a party for my daughter there (which was a bad experience all in itself).  When we arrived to set up, no one knew we were coming.
It was a bit of chaos, and the party room was a disaster.
But they did their best to make it up to us, so in the end, I guess you pulled through for me after all, dear Michael's.  We did get free balloons, ribbon halos, and craft kits.  

My daughter wanted an art party, but she wanted all the decorations to be ballerina-themed.  So, I did my best.

Now as I mentioned, the party room at Michel's was a mess, so there was no grand food table display.  I will show you what I was able to put together.

First, I made favor bags for all the girls.  Since I knew they would be taking their craft projects home with them, I kept the treat bags simple.  

I made dipped Rice Krispie treats,

and Bottle-cap Zipper Pulls.

I packaged them together and tied them with a ribbon,

then put them in a sweet little pink butterfly basket.

We had Funfetti cupcakes with classic Birthday Party Frosting from Sweetopia.  I made the toppers on my Silhouette Cameo.

I also put out a fruit platter with this delicious Marshmallow Cream Cheese Dip from The Finer Things in Life.  Try it next time you need a fruit dip- it is delicious!

We had dipped pretzels

and of course, Easter candy on the day before Easter!

We also had Doritos and lemonade, but who needs a picture of that?

The girls had fun decorating their ballerina dolls and their coordinating outfits.

They also got their faces painted!

It might not have been the best party I've thrown, but I think the girls still had fun, and in the end, that's all that matters.
I'm linking up to some parties this week:  come check them out with me!

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  1. She is adorable. I think the party looked like it went well...I love the pink treats.

  2. The best party I ever threw was for Braeden last year. He wanted a Mario Kart party. We borrowed an extra Wii so the all the boys could play against each other. lol needless to say noone played all the boys just went outside in the backyard and played, and they all had a blast.

  3. Wow. Every detail is so perfect! I love those dipped rice krispies treats...I want to try these for future party favors! Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!

  4. This party is adorable! I am sure any little girl would be in heaven at a party like this! Would you consider sharing it over at my party?


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