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Wednesday, September 7

Scrappin' Wednesday- Birthday Layout

Last year, my sister came for my birthday.  It was a huge deal because she lived in Virginia Beach at the time, and I hadn't seen for almost three years.  My husband surprised me by flying her out for my birthday!  We had a blast- shopping (sans kids), eating out, and just playing.  Now she is living in South Korea (her husband is in the Army) and I won't see her for at least another year.  It truly was a birthday to treasure!

Here is the layout I put together for my birthday.



  1. LOVE this :) And I have the very same twilight have great taste ;)

    Thanks so much for stopping by MFTM and for featuring my mini fall wreath! I will stop by tomorrow to take a peek :)

  2. This is a very cute layout for some very cute girl! ;) Can't wait until I'm living much much closer!


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