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Tuesday, September 13

New Sponsor- Sunny Buttons

I just want to take a minute to introduce you to a new sponsor- Sunny Buttons.

Many times I see crafts or sewing projects with unique buttons, and a lot of people leave comments wondering where to get great buttons.  Let's face it- fabric and craft stores have a limited supply.  Sunny Buttons offers some great options for beautiful buttons.

You can buy them by the color:

Vintage button collection & ribbon in mauve plum burgundy

You can buy them by type:

Realistic blue rose buttons, vintage old stock

Vintage Czech black glass buttons

She even sells collectibles like button cards, photo cards, and vintage jars.

Souvenir Paris photo cards & collectible silver glass button

Buttons & notions in a vintage bottle

Next time you need unique buttons for your sewing or craft project, I hope you'll take a look what Sunny Buttons has to offer.

Have a wonderful day!