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Wednesday, May 25

Scrappin' Wednesday no. 20

As I've been going through my pictures, I realized you can definitely tell things were rough for a few months.  I hardly took any pictures in January or February of 2010.  The reason-- I was totally sleep-deprived and barely functioning!  My third baby was by far my toughest.  He was grumpy from birth.  He wasn't colicky, and I know some people have had nightmare experiences with that, but he was just not happy.  Ever.  Then, about this point in time, he became completely reliant upon his pacifier to sleep.  It took me forever to figure it out, too, because it wasn't the typical "wake as soon as the paci falls out" kind of dependence.  He was waking EVERY night about every 45 minutes to an hour.  What happened, was, it would fall out while he is in the deep part of his sleep cycle, and then, as he would cycle back to light sleep and start sucking, there was nothing to suck on, so he'd wake up.

So, at about four months, we went cold turkey.  Bye bye, paci!  It only took a few days to kick the habit, but even that first night without it was SO MUCH BETTER!  He went from waking every hour to getting four to five hours at a time.  Yay, sleep!

Anyway, long story.  Not much to scrapbook, which will actually help me in my quest to catch up in my scrapbook pages!

Here's a page I made for my son's third month pictures.