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Monday, September 20

Ruffle Shirt Attempt No.2

I know there is a plethora of ruffle shirts in craft-blog-land, but I'm not sure I've seen this one.  I know I saw a shirt like this in a store for 24.99, but can't remember the store.

I  bought two t-shirts from Old Navy, on clearance for about $5, and cut one up for ruffles.  I needed a lot of length to sew the diagonal ruffles, so I cut the shirt up one sideseam, through the sleeve, and up to the neckline.  This left me a nice long length.  I then cut five 1 1/2 inch strips.

I used a basting stitch on my machine, then pulled the bobbin thread to make the ruffles.  I then pinned the strips in place where I wanted them.

Sorry for the poor quality.  I really need a new camera.
Anyway, then I just sewed the ruffles on, trying to follow the line originally made by my basting stitch.
The bottom ruffle turned out a little goofy, but all in all, I like how it turned out.

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  1. Wow! That is really incredible. I love the design idea of the diagonal ruffles, and you executed it with perfection. Nice job.


  2. Super cute and fun!! Love your blog.


  3. I really love the diagonal effect!! Great job!
    Visiting from

  4. I'm not confident in my own sewing abilities but this is "sew" cute!!!

  5. Super Cute! I love doing t-shirts! I swear half my blog is t-shirts -LOL
    You should come link this up at Making It With Allie!

  6. that looks awesome! you would totally think it costs much much more!

  7. Love the diagonal ruffles! I will be highlighting this at today.

  8. Very cute! I just bought 2 shirts for a $1 each and I was trying to find a tutorial I liked. I will be making this one! Thanks!

  9. hi valerie:)....
    your works are beautiful , bravo:))
    I am your newest follower.....
    greetings from croatia:))....

  10. Very cute! I'm your newest follower from the Friday blog hops.

  11. Love the shirt!! I want to make one of these so bad!! My sewing ability is just probably not "there" yet... One day, one day!! Visiting from The Trendy Treehouse. Come stop by That Village House sometime.

  12. That shirt is very cute! I wish I had a body that could "handle ruffles" like that. Just have to say, you know? I'm going to link up your blog on my Fun Friday links today. I hope you hop over and say hi! Oh and I found you on New Friend Friday on Trendy Treehouse.


  13. Cute shirt! I just bought some t-shirts the other day with this idea in mind. I figure, why pay extra for the ruffles when I can add them?! Although I wasn't as smart as you and didn't buy a matching shirt for the ruffle! I'm your newest follower from Design it Chic BMBF! I hope you will visit me at Have a great weekend!

  14. Very pretty! I love the color of the t-shirt too. You did a wonderful job! Thank you for sharing this with us!

  15. that turned out amazing!and it looks so cute on you!

  16. Following back from the Wednesday hop! This shirt looks great! Can you make me one? LOL One day I'll learn to sew! Until then, I get to enjoy all the wonderful items all my blogger friends make! Can't wait to see more from your blog soon!

  17. That turns out to be great ! I love it

    Following you from welcome wednesday blog hop
    Hope a "visit" from you :)

    Citra @ innocentia

  18. I think it's super cute! I'm following from Welcome Wednesday.

  19. hi valerie! congrats on all your followers... i'm #137! hope you consider checking my blog out too and would love for you to link up tomorrow to a crafty soiree party at


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