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Thursday, September 30

Boys' Room Wall Art

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Now, on to the crafts!

I have to be honest- this idea is brought to you by MISTER Occasionally Crafty.  We wanted to put something cute up for our boys' room, and when we came across this frame at IKEA, the wheels started turning in my husband's head.  The frame comes finished or unfinished.  We bought the unfinished so we could paint it to match their room.
RIBBA Frame  Width: 12 ½
RIBBA Frame from IKEA- $14.99

Instead of using each opening for pictures, he decided to use each letter of my sons' names.  Now, granted, this only works if you have four or five letters in your name.  As it happens, all our kids have four letters in their name.  He filled in the remaining opening with a picture to match their baseball decor.

To make the letters, he found a free clipart image of a baseball bat.  Mr. OC is a computer engineer, and really knows his way around a computer.  He used Photoshop to resize and position the bat image into letters.  Basically, he used the Transform and Free Transform tools to get what he wanted.  

The first one was easier, as he has all angular letters.  My youngest son, however, proved a challenge with the rounded letters in his name.  The bats had to be manipulated a little more.  Yet I think they turned out great.

We printed out the letters on 4x6 photo paper, then mounted them on navy blue cardstock and placed them in the frame.  

We bought another frame for my oldest daughter.  I'm trying to think what image to use for her.  Magic wands, maybe?  

Bottom line- this is a great alternative to those fancy hand-drawn names you can get at theme parks and such.  If you know your way around Photoshop, you can create something similar.

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  1. Thanks again for your guest post!

    Love the frames, very fun!

  2. Love it!!! I've been in the crafty mood lately....all these wonderful blogs certainly don't {or DO} help!


  3. Wow that is so amazing! What a great idea! I might have to steal that!! Thanks :)

  4. That is a cute idea! I am trying to come up with some art for my boys room too.

  5. Very cute! Baseball is my son Will's sport...we might have to do this when we redo his room in the next couple of months! (And lucky for me, he's got all "straight line letters"!! :) ha!)

  6. Hi, I'm a new follower; I popped over via Not Just a Mommy After All. I so love this, and have been looking for something like this for my sons room! Amazing!
    I'd also like to invite you, or anyone who'd like to, over to checkout my blog, and become a follower too (if you'd like.), you may also grab Hector Bat the HTML I created to share with fellow bloggers in honor of Halloween.
    Thank you,
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