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Saturday, August 21

Fall Jars

I was browsing Michael's for some fall decor, when I came across some really cute tall jars with stiched sayings glued to the front of them.  I fell for them instantly.

I did not fall for the price tag- which was like $8 each.  I knew it was something I could make, so off I went to buy the supplies.

Here's my version:

I used the smooth Ball jars, created my own stitchery (more on that in a minute), and Mod Podged it to the jar.  I then painted the lid and tied some fall ribbon around the neck.  I filled it with some fall goodies, and I have a really cute decoration to add to my fall decor.

I have two more just waiting to be filled and embellished.  I'm trying to decide what to put in them-- cinnamon sticks, leaves, mini pumpkins....

So, want to make your own stitchery?

Prepare your material.  I used muslin, and since I was going for a rustic look, ripped my fabric instead of cutting it.

Print out your quotation or phrase in a cute font in the size and layout you need for your project.  Tape it to a window or other light source.  Tape your fabric over the paper, and trace your pattern with a pencil.

 Use a needle and embroidery floss to stitch your phrase onto the fabric.  If I am going to frame it or make it into something else, I will  pin some Warm n Natural batting behind the fabric and stitch through both, but since mine was just glued to a jar, I kept it simple.

Use clip art from Microsoft Office or your favorite websites to create cute, one of a kind stitchery patterns.  I made my own pillow this way for Valentine's Day.

Or you can just copy something you see in a store, like I did for my jars.

Anyway, I can't wait to decorate for fall.  Look for a few more projects coming soon!

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  1. These are adorable! What a great idea, and these could be made up for any holiday. Love it!

  2. Very cute! I like the painted lids too, great job!

  3. Super cute jars!!! Thanks for showing us an easy way to print on these! I'm inspired! And...a new follower!!!:)

  4. I love these jars! And the pillow is great!

  5. Valerie, These are adorable! Just what I need to kick start fall! I have featured these - stop by and grab a featured button if you like. Hope you are enjoying your weekend! Thanks for linking to The Sunday Showcase. ~ Stephanie Lynn


  6. Wow! cute, love the way you transferred the qoute.

  7. These are awesome!!! I love the country feel they have!! Good Job! Found you from Craftoholics Fall Link party!!! Now following you!!


  8. darling idea!

    i *heart* the simplicity of the font you used for the embroidery.

    so sweet.

    thanks for linking up at the FALL FESTIVAL!

  9. Hi Valerie, I guess I should introduce myself since I've been leaving comments. My name is Leslie and I picked up your link at I heart naptime.
    I love those jars.. and pick them up every single time I am in Michaels, the greatest store ever. Oh wait, I forgot to tell you.. I'm there everyday. I work there. : )
    Anyway, great to find you and I'll be your newest follower ( as soon as my computer gets it's coffee shot this morning)
    Enjoy your Sunday

  10. Oh my gosh I LOVE those jars! I know what I will be re-creating tomorrow!

  11. These jars are so cute and look simple to make! I might try this. Thanks for the idea!!

  12. hey I LOVE YOUR FALL ideas come link up on my link party


  13. SUPER cute! I will definitely try this myself!

  14. Love this!!! Need to try! (I'm a mason jar hoarder)


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