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April 18, 2012

Pin-spiration: Stenciled Wall Sign

This is the post where I am going to show my social-media ignorance.  What is a Tumblr, and how does it work?

A few weeks ago I saw a quotation "pinned" on Pinterest that I really liked.  Not only did I like what it said, but I really liked the visual impact of the way it was showcased.

Would make a great wall sign

The pin links back to All Things Girly and Beautiful, which is a Tumblr site (?), and that's as far as it goes, so I can't credit the original source. 

Anyway- this happens to be the one of the colors of our master bedroom, and I just happen to have a 12x24 piece of plywood just waiting for me to put something on it.  I knew I could take this and make it into a cute wall sign. Here's how it turned out!

I painted my plywood white, so the text would eventually be white.

I designed my design on my Silhouette Cameo software (using the font Pea Girly Girls Script, in case you would like to know), then cut the words out in vinyl.

I laid it out how and played with it until I found where I wanted to go, then applied the vinyl to the board.

The red on white is kind of cute!  I almost stopped, thinking this would make a great Valentine's day gift or decoration!  But, I soldiered on, because I really, really need a cute sign in my bedroom.  And, you know, Valentine's Day is kind of a long ways off....

I painted over the entire board with two coats of Hydrangea paint, then let it dry.  I peeled up the vinyl, and it looked amazing!  I only had to fix two spots where there was a noticeable bleed-through.

Now I have the perfect little sign for my bedroom.  I can't wait to hang it up.  First I have to clean the wall of some old gunk from a poster we had up about, oh, three years ago, that I never bothered to clean off.  I'm awful.

Anyway- this was my first attempt at using vinyl as a stencil, and I LOVE it- so easy, and it comes out so clean.  What's your favorite way to stencil?

 I'll be sharing this at some of these parties.   


Have a great week!

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  1. very pretty Valerie -- thanks for sharing your pin-inspiration.....:)

  2. I like how you took the quote and really made it come to life!


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