September 19, 2014

Primitive Painted Tray: 30 Crafty Days of Halloween

Hey everyone!  I'm guest posting over at See Vanessa Craft as part of the 30 Crafty Days of Halloween!

Click over to find my tutorial for this easy Primitive Painted Tray.  I'd love to know what you think!

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September 17, 2014

Preserve Your Memories through the OneDay Video App: Enter to Win a $500 Target Gift Card

When I was little, my dad used to have regular interviews with us.  He used them to check in with us to see how we were doing, to find out if anything was bothering us, and to give us some things that we needed to work on.

I wasn't usually a fan of these interviews, mainly because I always had things I was doing wrong that needed correcting.  :)

My dad used to record these interviews on audio tapes. Yes, tapes.  I'm old.  I doubt we have many of those interviews today- but I know we re-discovered one that gave my family a new catch-phrase to tease me with.  We found a recording where I was complaining about all the things that went wrong in my day.  I fell of the sled and got wet.  Someone got mad at me.  

"It was a most hard day".

Yep- I still get that one quoted back to me.  Often.

Still, I'm glad to have a little piece of my childhood preserved.  My parents love hearing my tiny little girl voice, and remembering things that happened back then.
Aren't we adorable?  I was rockin' those bangs!
Recently I discovered this awesome app available in the App Store called OneDay.  It's Free! (for now) 
The premise is simple:  Download the app, pick a topic, and interview your child.  There are a bunch of different themes, such as
Back to School
My Favorites
All About Me

Each story set  has 10 questions in it, allowing you to record your kids answering each, and the app instantly stitches all the videos together into a high quality movie with music, allowing you to share with family and friends via social media, text, or email. It is currently free, but won't be for long!
Create an account, then upload your video to share or download it somewhere to keep it in your files.  
What a great way to remember the simple things about your children!  We say we will remember the small things, but the truth is that we won't.  Time will wash them away as the waves do footprints on the beach.  As my kids are growing up and away from me, I know I will treasure these videos for years to come.

Here's my video so you can see what it's like.
Now for the fun part: You can win a $500 Target Gift Card by sharing your own OneDay video!

It is really easy to enter- because you're going to be doing this anyway!
2. Create a video using the OneDay app.
3. Share your video to your Facebook page and be SURE to tag @OneDay in your post!  Find them on Facebook here:
4. The winner will be selected randomly from everyone who shares and tags their video on Facebook.
This contest will end October 8th at 8 pm EST! You must be 18 years of age or older to enter.
I'm so excited to see your videos!  Good luck!
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September 16, 2014

Calling all Pumpkin Lovers! Free Fall Printable Sign

So, I was in Cracker Barrel the other night.  We go there for the food, of course, but I want to go there sometime by myself just to shop.  I always have my crazy kids running around playing with their toys and begging for candy.  But they actually have adorable, adorable decor for different holidays and seasons!

I was inspired to create a little printable for you to frame and display by an awesome glittery wooden sign they had for sale.  So, thanks for the maple syrup and inspiration, CB!  

I printed mine out and Mod Podge-d it to an 8x10 canvas.  Then I used Krylon Glitter Blast spray paint in two thin coats over the top to give it a little sparkle!  (It's hard to see in the photos, though).

You can print this up to an 8x10.  Heck- it might be a cute little card to give your husband.  Because really, this is saying something!   Click here to download and print.  (Colors vary slightly due to differences in computer screens and printers).

I will be linking this up to some of these parties- come check them out with me!

See what else I'm pinning for fall by following my "Falling into Fall" board.

Follow Occasionally Crafty (Valerie)'s board Falling into Fall on Pinterest.

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