September 30, 2014

Paper Witch Hat + Paper Flower Tutorial: Halloween Printable Blog Hop

Hey everyone!  I'm part of an awesome blog hop this week where a bunch of different bloggers are using some awesome Halloween printables in lots of different ways!

One of the printables available is a set of Black and White Cupcake Toppers.  I knew they would be the perfect embellishment for my Paper Witch Hat.

Making the hat is simple.  I used this party hat template and just used two coordinating scrapbook papers.  The black is actually cardstock so it's a bit more stable.  Glue the brim to the cone and you're good to go!
These paper flowers are stunning and simple to make.  The best part is, you can pretty much do any combination of colors and embellishments to pretty up any project or package!

Use your paper punch to cut out a bunch of circles.  The exact number depends on how big your base is and the size of your punch.  I used what I had- a 1 3/4 circle punch, so I needed about ten circles plus one for the base.
Fold your circles gently into a cone-like shape and glue in place.
Place them on your base circle.  Once you have enough and like the placement, secure with a little glue.  I use hot glue because I'm impatient, but you could use any glue, tape runner, etc.
Finish off as desired.  I used a coordinating circle to cover the center, then finished with one of the cupcake toppers.

This is a simple craft that looks fabulous!  Make one or two to add to your Halloween decor!

You can download your free Halloween printables here.

Happy Halloween!

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September 29, 2014

Easy Lollipop Tree

This weekend the women of our church had the opportunity to meet together and hear wise counsel from leaders in our church. 

Every 6 months we have this Women's Broadcast and it has recently become available to girls ages 8 and up. It is such an uplifting meeting and a way to rejuvenate your spirit and prepare for further counsel from a living Prophet next week during General Conference.
One of our favorite speakers is President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, who is an apostle.  He always has thoughtful, motivating messages for women.  Valerie made up a quick printable of her favorite quote to display as a reminder to her how blessed we are, even though we don't always realize it.  

You can download your copy here.
I had the privilege to lead a choir of girls ages 8-11 after the broadcast was over. These sweet girls came together and sang for their sisters, moms and fellow members of their congregation. It was a nice moment to share with them, and I wanted to thank them for coming and singing. 
As my style usually shows, I look for simple, easy to execute crafts that still deliver a strong visual impact. This is purely a Pinterest find and re-creation, but I thought that this could be used for so many things that I had to share it with you!
Simply stab a Styrofoam ball with a gazillion lollipops, and paint a ceramic pot with the color of your choice! I added some tulle for a bow and voila!

For reference, I used a 5 inch Styrofoam ball and about 100 lollipops!

The girls were able to easily grab a lollipop and go, no muss, no fuss! That's my kind of thank you gift!

This week we have a lot of fun things for you, including our Halloween edition of the Sister's Challenge! And don't forget about our giveaway from Paint-A-Pillow that ends in a few days!
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September 25, 2014

Paint-A-Pillow Review & Giveaway! DIY Accent Pillows!

Disclosure:  Affiliate Links are contained in this post.  I was contacted by Paint-A-Pillow and was given all supplies to create two pillows in return for an honest review and promotion of their product.  All opinions are my own.
Today I am so excited to show you a great new company that specializes in DIY Designer Accent Pillows! You all know what big fans of Cutting Edge Stencils we are. Both of us have remade our bathrooms into masterpieces, and I even used their stencils to make a greeting card.
Well now they've branched out into DIY pillows, using the same quality stencils. The company is called Paint-A-Pillow, and you can find them at this website. You won't believe how many choices they have!
Paint-A-Pillow was kind enough to supply me with enough materials to create two pillows, and show you just how easy it is to make your own too. 
I picked out my stencil and several paints and embellishments to accompany a rug I have in my living room, and within a week my supplies arrived.
I had to take pictures of the packaging because I thought it was cleverly put together.

Everything was secure in the box, with a separate box for the pillow inserts and accessories.

Underneath the inserts and accessories were the stencil itself with the pillow cover, ready to be painted on!

Here are the paints I picked. I felt they were a good quality paint and reasonably priced. I used my green A LOT, and there was still paint left over after two pillows.

I was also supplied with tools and brushes to get me going. If you enter our giveaway below, you can win a free starter kit which includes the following items: 

Kit Includes:

  • Stenciling frame (pat.pend.)
  • Reusable pillow stencil
  • 17”x17” Cotton pillow cover
  • Pillow insert: linen/down alternative
  • Mini roller and 1/2" stencil brush
  • Paint tray and stirring stick
  • Illustrated instructions
  • Free mini stencil and practice fabric swatch
  • One free fabric paint (choose your color above)

I love that they included a swatch of fabric. I immediately tested out all my paints to see how the colors would look on the fabric once dry.
I also picked out a few embellishments. There are quite a few to choose from, including studs, rhinestones, tassels, and even flowers.

So now I had everything I needed to get started!

I think my favorite thing about the whole process, was the way Paint-A-Pillow created a way to keep the pillow cover and stencil, stationary. If you look close you will see that the stencil lies on top of the pillow cover and is held down on a cardboard frame with brads. I had no problems with it shifting around, and only need to hold the stencil close to the pillow towards the edges.

I started with lighter colors first and moved to darker colors as I went along.

Here's a look at the pillow cover all painted with the stencil still on...

And here's a look with the finished design!

It turned out so neat! I tried to get a little creative with the flower using some shading. I wanted to give the pillow a little texture and pop. If you need any help with the painting part of this project, be sure to check out a full painting video tutorial below. It really helped me feel confident to do this!

After the paint dried, I heat set the paint by running an iron over the entire design for 30 seconds. I need a bigger iron! Anyone want to buy me a heat press? :)   It took awhile, but setting the paint will allow me to wash it, dry clean it, or even use them outdoors! Need some pillows for your patio set? These would be awesome!

Now the pillow cover was done. But if you're going to add any embellishments, you need to do that before putting the pillow form inside the pillow cover.

I decided to go with tassels for my pillows and couldn't decide between a standard tassel and the suede tassels they offer, so I went with both! Paint-A-Pillow has a great tutorial video for applying embellishments that made my tassels go on super easily!

Another thing I love about the pillows is that the stencils match the ones offered by Cutting Edge Stencils, so if you've done something on your walls, you can match the decor with pillows!

A few things I feel like Paint-A-Pillow could improve on is pricing and a the idea of reverse stencils. While picking your own design, paints and embellishments makes these pillows very customize-able, I would have a hard time paying that much for two complete pillow sets. The items individually are priced well, so perhaps if you already had a pillow to start with, buying a stencil and paint would not be more than going to the store and buying a finished pillow.

As for reverse stencils, the thought came to me as I started my second pillow and placed the stencil back on top of a blank canvas. I though how neat it would be to be able to reverse the imaging so that the leaves and flower could be left natural and the background could be painted in. Wouldn't that be neat? If that were available I would have done one the way you see it, and one in opposite to compliment each other.

With all that said, I think Paint-A-Pillow offers a solid product. Their stencils are second to none and the easy process always surprises me with great looking results!

Here are the tutorial videos, and keep scrolling to enter the giveaway! 

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