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Friday, December 15

Relief Society Gift Idea: Prince of Peace Vinyl Tile

Give a sweet and simple handmade Christmas gift to anyone on your list this year!

Simple Vinyl Christmas Gift Relief Society Gift Idea LDS

Since I moved to Iowa, I've been lucky to be very involved with my church.  I've been a Cub Scout Leader, a Primary (children's Sunday School) teacher, and now I'm serving in the Relief Society Presidency (that's our women's organization).  That's a lot of changing around in just over a year!

One thing you may not know about the LDS church is that our members meet together based on where you live.  We have defined boundaries, and everyone who lives in those boundaries is part of the same congregation, or ward.

This year our Christmas dinner party was extra special because our ward boundaries are being changed this week.  So, this was our last get-together, because even though no one is moving, we won't all be meeting together on Sundays and for activities anymore.  It's sad, a little hard, but also a little exciting to meet new people and build a new ward family.  Anyone out there been through this in your ward?  Any words of advice?

Our theme for this dinner was "Prince of Peace".  Several years ago, I made a sweet gift for each of the ladies in my ward in Phoenix, and this is definitely one of my most popular posts!

The Best Gift of All Vinyl Tile Christmas Gift Idea

My friends here in Iowa loved the tile but wanted to make it fit our theme a little more, so I made a new design and came up with this.

Prince of Peace Christmas Vinyl Tile Gift

This is such a frugal gift, and if you have someone with a Silhouette or Cricut who doesn't mind cutting out a bunch of designs, it's fairly easy to put together too!  The cost of the tiles and the vinyl was less than 50 cents per person!

I used this adhesive vinyl (black) and transfer tape to make the tiles.

These are the tiles I used.

Download the design here if you'd like to make your own tiles.

 If you'd like a design made custom for your event, I do design work for a small fee- just email me at to work it out!

Though I made this for my church group, it really makes a great Christmas gift for anyone!

Prince of Peace Christmas Vinyl Tile- Great Relief Society Gift Idea

Vinyl Tile Christmas Gift Idea- Prince of Peace Nativity

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