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Monday, November 20

Gift Guide for Book Lovers (Ultimate Gift Guide Roundup and Giveaway)

If you've ever heard him/her say "Just one more chapter!" or "Leave me alone, I'm reading!" then you have a book lover on your hands!  Whether it is your child, your parent, or your spouse, your book lover will love receiving one of these awesome gifts!

Hey all- today's the day for you to stop procastinating and get that shopping list put together!  I've teamed up with some of my bloggy friends to share a bunch of fun and unique gift ideas for everyone on your list!  Plus, you're going to want to enter our giveway for a $100 Amazon Gift Card- just in time for holiday shopping!

I surveyed my book-loving friends to find out what they want for Christmas this year.  I am a book lover myself, as are my kids, so I can personally vouch for anything on this list!

1.  The absolutely best gift you can give is TIME to read!  I don't know how many people tell me they have a book list a mile long and no time to sit down and read.  Take the kids for a day, take over the housework for your spouse, or just be patient and let them disappear into their room for awhile instead of whatever it is they usually do.

2.  How about a snuggly blanket?  There's nothing like curling up in a soft blanket with some hot cocoa (or whatever your drink of choice may be) and a good book!  This Sherpa Fleece Throw Blanket is a steal at Target this season.

3.  If your book lover is also tech-friendly, how about getting them a Kindle?  Purists may sniff, but owning a Kindle gets me lots of free books I otherwise wouldn't pay for, plus the ability to bring a whole library of books with me wherever I go.  I love my Kindle Paperwhite, and they will too!

4.  Add on a Kindle Gift Card (also perfect for someone who already has a Kindle).  You can never have too many books!

5.  How about a tote bag to hold all those books, or just to let everyone know about your love for reading? There are TONS, but I love this one found on Etsy.

6. Another way to show your love for reading is an awesome book-themed shirt!  Again, there are so many options, but I love this one found on Etsy.

7. This mug with famous first lines from books is awesome.  Get it here.

8.  Another fun find are these candles that are paired up with an author for a unique scent.  I wonder what Edgar Allan Poe's might smell like....  Check them out here.

9.  This Book a Day Calendar gives recommendations each day with a blurb from each book.  They might hate you for making their "need-to-read" list even longer!  Find it here.

10.  For the Jane Austen aficionado, these book cover coasters are divine!  Buy them here.

11. If your book lover also loves jewelry, check out the book-themed necklaces at Tea and Tentacles.  I really loved this one!

12.  If your book lover is always reading in bed, get them this clip-on Book Light that doubles as a bookmark.  Thin and easy to carry around wherever you go!

Your book lover will love receiving any of these gifts this holiday season!  Now, buy yourself something nice (or use it for your Christmas shopping) by entering our Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!

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Now, visit my bloggy friends for other great gift ideas to add to your list!

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